Reliable Recall - Why it's SO important

Reliable recall is a vital basic obedience skill your dog must have, however it is also one of the hardest skills to teach for owners. Dogs love to have a run around, it provides them with freedom away from the leash and a chance to burn off some of their mind blowing energy. The innate desire to run freely in nature is ingrained deeply into your dog's DNA, so providing them the freedom to do this will be really beneficial to your dog’s physical and mental health.

It is our belief that if your dog does not have a reliable recall, regardless of the distractions present, they simply should not be off leash. Thankfully, it is also our belief that every dog can be taught a solid recall, so when appropriate, they can run free. This is, afterall, the biggest reward you can give your dog. 

So, why is recall training so important? It’s simple: Safety. You need to make sure your four legged friend will come back to you on command as our dogs can get themselves into dangerous and life-threatening situations. Being hit by vehicles, approaching aggressive dogs, interacting with wildlife and engaging in dog fights are just a few of situations reliable recall can help you to avoid. 

So if you love your four legged friend as much as we love ours, give them the best present you can give them, install reliable recall into them, and let them run free like they were born to do.

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